Open Inspections

Preparing your home for an open inspection

An Open Inspection is a lot like a job interview for your house.

You want it to appear clean and tidy; you want it to smell nice; you want to make sure the best attributes stand out and you want to make the best impression possible the first time — because you will probably only get one chance to.

Most open inspections only last about 30 minutes, and people only take around 10 of those minutes to walk through a house. In that time, they will decide whether they are interested or whether they cross your property off their list and move onto the next inspection.

At Newland Real Estate, we know how to make sure your property makes the best impression the first time. We offer the right advice to prepare your property for sale and we can recommend trades people to get your property looking its best.

Once ready to open for inspection, we will assist with advice on cleaning and styling your property so that it stands out.

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